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Contact me for:
-Face Yoga Party
-Face Yoga Workshop
-Custom Face Yoga Program
-Yoga Classes 
-Personal Training 

Yoga & Salt Therapy
Mondays at 9:45am

Monthly Face Yoga Workshops at Prana Salt Cave and
Brunswick Forest

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Services: Personal Training, Yoga, & Face Yoga


*Virtual and local in-person training

1-on-1 PERSONAL TRAINING- $50 per hour or 12 sessions for $510

(contact for Military discount & group classes)

Training sessions that cater to your goals & get you your desired results! I'm here to listen to your goals and create training plans that you not only enjoy but also achieve results in!

 1 hour complimentary session includes: goal setting, optional measurements, and form assessment.  

Training phases will change as you progress and depend on your current fitness level. First training phase will  focus on exercises that work on balance, core strength,  and stability. It's important to have a strong foundation to build upon. 

The next phases will help you to achieve muscular endurance and muscular development. Again, it all depends on your goals and what you want to get out of your training sessions! 


Private Yoga Session- $40 

(contact for Military discount & group classes) 

Relax the mind and body with yoga sessions that cater to you!

Let me show you how Yoga really is for every BODY! 

The benefits of yoga are numerous and include: stress management, better sleep, increased strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism, strengthens immune system, reduces inflammation, injury prevention, etc.

I can cater to the style of yoga you enjoy! Whether you like Hatha yoga (practiced at a slower pace, with focus on breath, controlled movements, and stretching) or Vinyasa yoga (focuses on connecting the breath to your movements, which tends to be a faster pace) I'll put together a sequence with your goals and needs in mind.

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 Face Yoga Challenge- $300 for 5 Weeks

*Contact for more options, Military discount, & group classes)

 Yes! Face yoga is a real solution to minimizing signs of aging! You exercise  your body so why not your face? The face and neck contain over 50 muscles  that need attention. Over the counter creams don't eliminate wrinkles as they  don't address the underlying muscles. When you have tension in the face and  neck and/or repetitive movements, wrinkles form. Practicing facial exercises  helps to take away tension from overactive muscles and strengthen weak ones.  Facial muscles once restored to their natural length will give the face a more  youthful look that you'll notice! 

 My Face Yoga programs include:

 Breath work, posture exercises, relaxation exercises, facial massage,  acupressure, strengthening exercises, tapping, acupressure, strengthening  exercises, tapping, and changing daily habits to maximize your results! 

 If you can dedicate 10-20 minutes a day you will see results in a matter of  


 Benefits of Face Yoga: 

  • Get healthy/glowing skin

  • Lower anxiety and stress

  • Prevent and eliminate wrinkles 

  • Improve posture

  • Relief for jaw and neck pain

  • Relief for sinus issues 

  • Lift and tone entire face and neck area

  • Achieve a more symmetrical face

  • De-puff and open eye area

  • Plump lips

  • Enhance your natural beauty 

  • Learn aging habits to avoid 

  • Age gracefully without injections 

What you get during the 5 weeks:

  • Introduction to Face Yoga

  • Complete a questionnaire along with sending me photos so I understand your goals 

  • Customized routine that I'll teach you virtually 

  • Written routine along with photos of each pose

  • Option for a video routine 

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you on track & revise routine as needed 

  • Reminder for your daily Face Yoga sessions (optional) 

  • Direct access to me for any questions or concerns

  • Final call will include recommendations for additional Face Yoga poses 

   I have 2 Face Yoga certifications and I'm trained on over 200 facial yoga      

   poses backed by science! I would love to create a customized Face Yoga

   routine for you! Email me for a free consultation: or DM me on instagram or Facebook.     

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