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"Tiffany is a great instructor! I went to her face yoga wanting to tighten my jawline. She is extremely knowledgelable and made sure I understood the why and how of the exercise to ensure I was getting the maximum benefit".- KJ 

"Many people believe that you have to be slim and fit to participate in yoga, but that couldn't be further from the truth. As a person that is overweight and not flexible, yoga has done wonders for me, I was introduced to yoga years ago through Tiffany and I've seen my body change as far as increased flexibility, elimination of back and neck pain and most of all a healthier mind. Thank you Tiffany for introducing this life changing exercise regimen to me". -Brian 

"Hands down Tiffany is an amazing instructor, she has good energy and true passion for her teaching. I went to her yoga class, she was patient and really efficient at teaching me proper technique to get maximum benefits. It's a great experience with her!"


"LOVED my first ever face yoga challenge. Face yoga is definitely one of those I didn't know I needed until I started the challenge. It has helped tremendously with my neck tension and posture in just a few weeks. It's definitely a part of my daily routine. Also loved the added bonus of preventing and helping with wrinkles on my face and neck in a natural way. Here's to aging gracefully!"-Cecilia 

"I first met Tiffany and had an intro to face yoga at a workshop she was holding. To be honest, I didn't have very high expectations and thought it would just be a fun thing to learn. Well, I was wrong. I immediately signed up for Tiffany's 5 week challenge after the workshop because I was blown away by her knowledge and all that face yoga could do for me! As an RN and holistic health coach, I am always looking for the safest ways to improve my health and well-being and quickly learned that face yoga could help with my wrinkles, TMJ, helps reduce stress, and improve my lymphatic drainage which is so important to our health! In the 5 week challenge, Tiffany was so supportive- always available to answer questions, provided encouragement when we needed it, and was truly invested in our outcomes. I was amazed how quickly I saw results, especially with my wrinkles! I am so happy I learned this quick, easy, safe, and priceless skill that I will be able to use for a lifetime! I highly recommend Tiffany and her face yoga challenges. You literally have nothing to lose!" -Holly

"I started the 5 week challenge after seeing one of my friends post. The first two weeks I did pretty much everything Tiffany had planned out for me and enjoyed the task. On our 2nd call we started talking about my intense TMJ case. We talked about my intra oral medical massages that are a must for me twice a week. She then came out with a totally extra routine for my TMJ! She's flipping amazing and extremely compassionate, it has a made a world of a difference! This woman is actively changing my life and I adore her for it. I'm too excited to continue doing the things she has taught me and hopefully I can decrease my time with the therapist...that's our goal!My plans now are to continue both routines and focus on my wrinkles because I have perfected my TMJ goodness and it's now part of my life right now! Run over and sign u for the next seshhh, you won't be disappointed!"-Krysti 

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